Currently, I serve as Clinical Faculty / English Language Arts Lecturer for Urban Teachers and Johns Hopkins University School of Education. In this position, I Instruct graduate-level coursework for elementary and secondary education residents and fellows obtaining a master’s degree through JHU. Coach residents and fellows using Teaching Practice Rubric to guide their instruction, diagnostics, and classroom management, as well as professionalism and growth mindset. 

I also work with K-5 students as an Academic Specialist for Partners in Learning, LLC, a tutoring company based in Washington, DC. In this role, I see students individually to build literacy and math skills. 

Work with Preservice Teachers

Reading Clinic Graduate Assistant
Reading Methods Instructor
edTPA Local Evaluator, Elementary Literacy
University of Maryland, College Park

edTPA National Evaluator, Elementary Literacy

K-12 Instruction

Reading Interventionist (5th and 6th grades)
Belton School District, Belton, Missouri

2nd and 3rd Grade Teacher
Pathway Academy, Kansas City, Missouri